What our clients say


"Working with Punctuate to design, develop and launch Green Bay High School’s new website was an awesome experience. The initial design process was easy as Dan and Nadia really connected with the school’s vision, strategic focus, and our local community. The team at Punctuate were able to incorporate our unique needs and school profile into a coherent design aesthetic and user experience. Prototyping and refining our website was a collaborative process, and the support along the way was excellent. Everything from stakeholder engagement, refining the UX and transitioning to a new content management system was well planned and executed. When it came time for launching the new site, the transition was managed by Punctuate in a manner that was seamless."

"The ongoing support post-launch and the relationship we have formed with the team couldn’t be better and we have the utmost trust and confidence that they will continue to deliver an industry-leading service and ensure we have a product that continues to evolve and stay fit for purpose for an evolving school and changing digital market. Ngā mihi nui ki a kōrua"

Jono Wyeth Deputy Principal, Green Bay High School

"Working with Dan and Nadia is truly a joyous experience. That may sound odd to some, but the thought of websites, google placements, ranking, apps & technical terms simply overwhelm me!!!! I was taught early on in business to hire the best people to do for you, what you can’t do or do not want to do yourself. They listened to the issues & my goals and offered me multiple solutions. This gave me the bite sized pieces I needed to grow at pace we could manage. I feel like I have a technical team that gets me and because of their expertise my business has grown in incredible ways. They are absolutely invaluable."

Trine Eich-Koehn, Reiki Wellness Meditation Centre

"Working with the Punctuate NZ team is a wonderful experience, not only can they supply amazing insight into a product website/application, that brings a truly excellent customer experience, they have extensive knowledge of what is possible and will also put forward alternative ideas, at the same time as teaching you many things along the way. I am very impressed at the way Dan ensures the system works for you and not vice versa, the efficiency of the process is excellent. I am very happy to put my name to this review."

Brent Watson, CTO, Bel Air Cinema

"We love the team at Punctuate. They are friendly, knowledgeable and work to be partners in the journey with you. Such great listeners, they take your ideas and elevate them to another level with their online expertise. Thanks so much guys for all your help over the last few years and we look forward to a continued, long standing working relationship in the future!"

Jennie Chatfield, Causerie

"I am very pleased to write this letter of reference on behalf of Dan Hawes in my capacity as the Deputy Principal of Green Bay School. We have used Punctuate in our recent revamp of our school website. Overall, I believe Dan to be a skilled, thoughtful, and thoroughly professional Information Technology expert, which I will briefly elaborate on below.

During the course of our journey to change our outdated website, Dan has worked with me at Green Bay School. I have always been impressed by his outstanding diligence and his high level of technical expertise. He is personable, and this was evident as his role had him working with a variety of people with different roles in the school. Indeed, I have been more than satisfied with his relationships with my colleagues.

Dan listened to our ideas, made the appropriate changes, but also sought to educate and offer solutions to problems. This feedback has been integral in delivering a platform that works for the school. His communication skills were excellent, always seeking to provide us with updates for the completion of the site.

Dan is a tremendous asset as he is; accountable and personable with a superior work ethic and highly skilled, and I would recommend him without a reservation."

Alex Milich, Deputy Principal, Green Bay School

"The Kōtuitui Kāhui Ako - is a community of schools in the West Auckland area. We comprise of 12 schools, each with their own unique personality and collectively care for around seven and a half thousand students. One of the tools for researching and driving change within our community is the process of ‘Inquiry’.

Kōtuitui has over fifty Inquiries happening within the community at any given time. These Inquiries are investigating a range of important issues that affect the educational outcomes of our learners. Very early on in our journey as a community of schools, we realised that the use of tools like Google to record this invaluable research was insufficient. While the data could be recorded, there was no way for those in the community or those in subsequent years to be able to tag, search, reference and build on completed research in a sustainable way. Additionally the larger community were unaware of the work happening to improve the educational outcomes for the children in our schools, so we needed a way to communicate this with them.

We contacted Dan at Punctuate to come and meet with us to hear about the vision we had for a sustainable knowledge base for Kōtuitui and how best we could communicate the work we were doing with all of those in our community. We knew that we were asking for something that did not currently exist and that would need to evolve with us over time. Dan gave us the time to talk through how we would like our researchers work to flow for them - the key for us was SIMPLICITY. We have many skilled teachers with excellent inquiry skills, but very little time to learn how to use a complex database.

What Dan has been able to create has far exceeded our expectations. He was able to bring our vision to fruition. His ability to plan, test and design for a totally unique database that is driven by the experiences of our teachers has been exemplary. Any issues or changes that we discovered through testing phases have been actioned quickly - as well as Dan offering suggestions to future proof this powerful tool - creating something that will sustain the knowledge learned within our community for future researchers and learners.

In conjunction to this quite phenomenal work on our knowledge database, Dan has created a community web-portal that gives our greater community the ability to see and understand the work that is happening on behalf of the seven and a half thousand children within our community. Again, Dan did this through genuinely taking the time to understand who we are as a community, what drives us and what we value. We never felt that this was a ‘typical’ solution that was being tweaked for us. This digital presence Dan has created for Kōtuitui is designed with us, for us and to serve us, now and into the future. If you have the opportunity to work with Dan and his team, we feel 100% assured they will look after you, just as they continue to do for the Kōtuitui Community."

The Across CoL Team, Kōtuitui

"The end product was of a very high standard and shares and showcases off our school really well. It is also able to store important documents our community can easily access at any time. I also enjoyed the support during and after the development of the website and even still today as it my first time in developing a website."

Jacob Prisk, Deputy Principal, Glen Eden Intermediate School

"A year ago we purchased a small business and discovered that the computer systems and hardware were woefully inadequate and unreliable. We are not what you would call IT savvy and employed Dan to restore this side of the business. We found him to be very knowledgeable, reliable and practical as he solved problem after problem in his unflappable and cheerful manner. He was always quickly available when we had a problem and he solved our problems efficiently and completely. We would whole heartedly recommend Dan to anybody who has a computer problem, or IT installation needs, and wants it fixed promptly and permanently at a very reasonable cost."

Warren and Pam Childs, Dentalworks

"What an amazing thing communication is! Being half way across the world, Dan in New Zealand, myself in the UK, made no difference to Punctuate / Dan Hawes producing a great website, exactly to brief and which required very little tweaking. We have been delighted with the results of the website both in design and the format. In our mind’s eye this was just the kind of look we were hoping for - thank you Dan. Our early morning FaceTime call will be long remembered!"

Jo Nelstrop, Abbey Farm Weddings

"Dan at Punctuate designed and developed our webpage. From designing our logo and developing the webpage, Dan made the whole process really easy. During the process we were always kept in the loop and up to date with the progress. We would highly recommend the team at Punctuate and would use them again without hesitation."

Kina Percy, Barrier View Lodge

"I like the way Punctuate work collaboratively with their clients every step of the way. We have used them for many years now. They have helped us develop an eLearning Professional Development platform, our Live Workshop website and our consultancy website. I recommend Punctuate in terms of the quality of services and they consistently meet my expectations and exceed them."

Kirstin Prince, Director, KAP Consultancy

"Over the last 5 years Dan has been fantastic at digitally articulating my thoughts for a huge variety of projects. We’ve worked together on both old and new commercial products and Dan always manages to capture what I want for a brands’ identity, website, brochure or advert. Not only is he great at the ’simple message’ but has turned ’bedroom business brands’ into those well-known within the industry we operate in."

Simon Tandy, Business Development Manager, Motion Picture Solutions

"Dan was a beacon of good-humoured sanity after a disastrous first experience with one web "designer": he is a designer who also writes website code rather than a coder-writer who believes they’re a designer. He asked lots of questions, analysed the answers and produced four concepts before gently guiding me towards making what’s proved to be the right choice. With a few additions the essential layout has not dated over the years - which, speaking as a designer myself, is the hallmark of good, intelligent design; the clear layout and easy navigation still draws frequent and approving comments from clients. Dan is diligent, reliable and blessed with an ability to explain things to the non-technical. I can’t imagine working with anyone else."

Jeffrey Cleaver, Silver Pear Weddings

"When I asked Dan to revamp my website he took away my vague ideas and came back with a new, freshly designed website which fitted in perfectly with my business. Since launching the website I have had more than a few people comment on good it was and how easy it was to navigate. Dan also helped set up a simple to use CMS platform so that I could quickly, and easily, make changes to pictures and text as my business also changed. Whenever I’ve had a question Dan is always quick to respond and I cannot thank him enough for his help."

Charles Willmer, Friars Court