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Becoming a Development Partner

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It’s high time we picked up the blogging stick again, but before we do, we thought it would be good to add some colour to the hiatus as its been a really interesting period for Punctuate.

Since late 2021 we’ve been working in collaboration with another local agency, leading the charge on projects in our role as development partner. We were tasked with providing managed, scalable development resources for a number of diverse projects and codebases across different industry sectors. From leisure and entertainment in the B2C space, to B2B digital transformation in the corporate sector, we have been busy weaving our magic on both existing projects and new initiatives.

During this time Dan has been leading in his role as Head of Development and Technology. This has meant working very closely with agency clients to learn and understand how their businesses and infrastructure operate, identifying opportunities and providing quality solutions. Dan continues to be the wearer of many hats, in addition to developing solution architecture and driving integrations with third party vendors, he has become the go to for product knowledge and direction, for both developers and clients alike. All this while deftly managing development projects and bringing both local and offshore development resources together to deliver on multiple concurrent timelines. Of course he’s also rolled up his own sleeves and dived into development whenever required. The passion to build outstanding digital product continues to burn as brightly as ever.

While this has been keeping us busy, we’ve also continued to work for our own wonderful clients, who provide us with a brilliantly diverse range of projects and jobs. As a company, discovering and learning about businesses, meeting their people, identifying opportunity and providing solutions continues to be something we adore. It is also undoubtedly one of the primary reasons why our collaboration has worked so well.

The last couple of years have been a great experience and a huge success. It is our first extended collaboration and we’re delighted we’ve been able to influence the projects, and perhaps more importantly client relationships, so positively.

If you’re in the market for a knowledgeable, reliable, scalable development partner that you can confidently put in front of your clients, reach out to us today.


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