Engaging Clients

14th April 2016

Engaging new clients

Having been appraised of a recent experience with a company that charged for a first meeting, we thought we would set about explaining why we do not.

We put a lot of weight upon our client relationships and we work very hard to ensure they continue to grow. We are proud to say we have some very long term clients and we place much value upon those relationships. The seed of our client relationships is sown at the outset and like all good things, requires a little nurturing.

To charge for an initial meeting is to us to place less value on the relationship and more on short term revenue. We place great value in starting what we hope will be an ongoing relationship, and set out to achieve this with every client. Taking a longer view of things we believe has helped us develop outstanding client relationships which in turn leads to great products and solutions. Design by its nature is an iterative process which is made all the better for excellent client relations.

We get excited when we see our clients businesses growing and when we are engaged for further work. As time goes by our understanding of what makes our clients tick grows and so the relationship develops. We are able to not only fulfil projects but also suggest digital strategies and new concepts driven by growth, or new technologies, in the knowledge the client knows we have their best interests at heart.

If you’d like to discuss your next project with us, please get in touch.


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