To a changing world and new normals

The post Covid-19 landscape

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Us humans are a funny lot. We can be indifferent to all sorts of things but the beauty of the human spirit is that in times of real need we collectively rise to meet a challenge, head on.

Individually we are intuitive, ingenious and powerful, collectively we are a true force of nature and have the ability to overcome seemingly impossible challenges. We have risen again to this challenge, and we will prevail.

But it will come, as all things do, at a cost. The loss of life is utterly devastating but the effects will be felt by us all for a long time to come. Nobody quite knows what the post Covid-19 future looks like but some things seem certain; social distancing will be our new normal for at least the foreseeable future, and remote working, that thing that has been hurriedly ushered front and centre, is now seen as an essential tool for a whole raft of businesses that may have previously given it no more than a passing thought.

No doubt many businesses have spent a good chunk of lockdown thinking about how best to implement recommendations and update working practices for their business. What will work best for your business and your team? Who can work from other locations? Who must be on site and how will you interact with your customers, suppliers and providers in a way that keeps everyone safe? How will your business keep running if we end up in lockdown again?

If this was 1985 the answers would be very different, there was no internet as we know it, mobile phones were the preserve of the few and distance learning was conducted at a snails pace using the post. Fortunately it’s 2020 and we have a wealth of technologies at our fingertips with which we can shape our lives and our businesses regardless of our physical location or confinement to our homes.

If you’re now thinking about your business in terms of putting more of your business online for your customers or suppliers, making your business simpler to manage over the web, increasing productivity and profitability by improving business processes, being more accessible to remote working, or simply if you wish you’d started looking at some of this before now, get in touch. Even if you’re not quite sure what it is you need, let’s chat, because we can help with that.

And finally to incredible front line workers everywhere, a massive thank you. Without you we’d all be in a terrible mess. To all those who have stayed at home, thank you. And to those who’ve been lost, we will remember you.


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