Bye-bye release fees

27th July 2017

Say goodbye to minimum terms and release fees

We’re all very used to seeing minimum terms for things like broadband, electricity and insurance. These are all too often accompanied by release fees or early termination fees. Unfortunately this thinking has become increasingly prevalent in the worlds of design studios and web hosting hosting companies.

We like to walk a different path. We do not have minimum terms or release fees for our services. None at all. If you contract us to do a job we’ll do the job, you’ll pay us and you’re free to choose; but we’re confident once you start working with us you’ll want to stay. This confidence is reflected in some very long term client partnerships, some of which we’ve been working hard on for over a decade.

Our hosting services reflect this philosophy too. We offer monthly and annual packages for the best of both flexibility and value, however we do not insist you see out your term or charge you additional fees for an early exit.

So why do we take this approach? Simply because we think its best for you, our customer. We believe you’re happiest when you have the most flexibility, and let’s face it we all like open doors. Ultimately we’re happy when you’re happy and because it is never about insisting we get a minimum amount of money or business from our clients, it is always about ensuring we deliver on what we say we will and working hard to build happy and productive long term partnerships.

If this sounds like the kind of thinking you want to bring to your relationship with your design company, please get in touch.


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