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13th July 2016

When the conversation goes beyond web design

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Often when we are commissioned to work on projects for start-ups or smaller businesses during the course of a conversation we are asked about pressing IT concerns outside the web sphere, such as computer hardware issues. "Oh, by the way, would you know why the WiFi here doesn’t work well or why the printer will only print from one machine?" Common issues that can quickly become a source frustration for small businesses who often rely on the knowledge of those people immediately around them to solve IT problems.

We really enjoy these kinds of questions, there is something about problem solving that is deeply satisfying. Wether its in design, code, a hardware or a network issue, solving problems is what we do every day. We have a long history of setting up and maintaining small office IT hardware and networks, not least our own. Back in the day Dan would build bespoke PCs to client requirements and over the years we’ve been commissioned to set up new networks, hardware and software for a range of small businesses from travel consultants to dentists.

From specific computer issues, upgrades, networking and data backup we have the knowledge and experience to advise, fix or at the very least point you in the right direction. After all, a website isn’t much use to a business if we can’t reliably use the tools we need to manage it or respond to the business that comes from it.

We all face IT issues from time to time, but putting processes in place to minimise the impact on the business is the key. When the equipment we come to rely on for the job becomes more of a focus than the job itself, its time to take another look at our systems.

If you’d like to discuss your current IT systems, or your next web or IT project, please get in touch.


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