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16th October 2017

You have to write a blog for marketing your company

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Standing out from the crowd in the digital world is always a challenge where subtle points of difference are amplified. Recently we were a asked a question by a new contact about blog writing, or in her case not writing, most surprising for us was the level of anxiety that accompanied the thought of writing a blog. She had been told by her current designer that a blog is a must for marketing purposes and there were no two ways about it. While we understand the intention, for us the part that was missed was the human element. Should you write a blog, sure, but only if you want to, you have some interest in writing and you have time you can dedicate to it.

Blogs are great, they engage your clients and generate client leads, they help promote your company and they can help your search engine rankings. But lets face it they’re not for everybody, not everyone enjoys writing about their business or themselves.

So while blogs have lots of benefits, as with most things in life there is a flip side. An unmaintained blog is an advert that part of a website has been abandoned, which could be interpreted as a business not being at the top of their game. Beyond that, search engines monitor how often websites are updated, so if nothing changes the next time the search engine returns they’ll start leaving it longer between visits. Doesn’t sound so bad you might be thinking, but part of the ranking algorithm looks at frequency of change, so it could make the difference between you and your competitors.

Ok, so lets say you’ve thought hard about it and have reached the conclusion that you’re not a bog writer, what do you do? Firstly, don’t panic or think that you’re somehow different from everyone else on the web, because you’re not. Business is about humans interacting with humans and the web is a tool to help us do that.

Blogs are, first and foremost like the rest of a website, all about the content. A website tells a story about a business, a person, or a service and a blog in essence takes a next step by expanding on your core messages. But there are other ways you can do this. Perhaps you love shooting videos on your phone or maybe you’re a secret cartoonist, it doesn’t matter, its about using your strengths to promote your business in a way that you are comfortable with.

What we do is work with you to create ways for you to use your strengths to help set you apart from your competitors. You have the content that will engage your audience, we are here to help you get that content to your customers, in the virtual world and in the real world.

Just like with a doctor, if you’re not comfortable with the diagnosis or treatment plan, seek a second opinion. If your designer is telling you that you must do something but your spider-sense has gone into overdrive, ask another designer for their take.


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