The Kōtuitui Community of Learning is a collaboration between twelve West Auckland schools forming a powerful research led learning community delivering to around seven and a half thousand students.

Inquiry is a digital product that provides a collaborative platform for research through teacher inquiry. Inquiries can be individual or collaborative and each investigates a range of important issues that affect the educational outcomes of the learners within the community.

An inquiry will explore many directions during its course and the outcome is the result of the evaluation of a number of possible pathways. Our product allows these pathways to be easily and rapidly explored within a structured, simple and cohesive environment. Reviewers can easily pick up and follow an inquiry through its journey, offering direction or feedback at appropriate junctures.

Through analysis of data created by inquiry, the community is able to identify trends, use insights to develop learning strategies, and drive forward engagement within the community.

For more information and to request a demo, please see our Inquiry platform website.

Inquiry on desktop
Inquiry on desktop
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